About Marianne

IMG_5442Born and raised in tiny Belgium, -multidimentional citizen, as she places her identity above a particular nation, planet or…plane of existence. She believes that the idea of one’s identity transcends geography or political borders and that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole; humankind is in essence one with the infinite Universe.

Ever since a young age, all she could dream of, was exploring the world she was born in. After graduating school she decided to follow her restless nomadic heart and make  traveling her life’s purpose. Her first big journey outside the European borders was to India. There she explored Hinduism and found inspiration in Yoga and the Buddhist tradition. Spirituality is an important part of her life, although her personal practice has no affiliation with a particular religion. This very raw and mind-opening experience set the tone for her future wanderings.

The mostly vegetarian Indian cuisine and her love for Earths resources and inhabitants inspired her to change her lifestyle and go all vegan until this day.

For many years she felt the magnetic pull to explore the Asian countries; Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines and the islands of Indonesia are all on her list.

In Bali she fell in love with surfing in just one lesson, and has become a global wave chaser ever since.IMG_5434

In South-Africa, she experienced the ultimate surf tour. Driving in a van around the Cape town area, searching for the perfect wave.

Love made her decide to leave Belgium and her job as a teacher for an indefinite time in 2012. She moved to the United States where she and a group of like minded souls decided to do their own version of Kerouac’s “On the road” and travel the American West. From Colorado to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and back to Colorado. She lived in Denver until her U.S. visa expired and then moved to Costa Rica. There, she got inspired to deepen her yoga practice by taking a 200h Yoga teacher training and immediately took her first steps in teaching community classes in Puerto Jimenez.

In San José, Marianne, decided to study Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. During this training she discovered a deep desire to develop more contact with the people around her through this healing art. After graduation she moved to the popular surf town San Juan del sur in Nicaragua  and decided to settle down for a while. Here she got to practice her two biggest passions: surfing and offering Thai massages in a local Yoga studio.

In September 2014 she traveled to California to watch the WSL world surf tour. There she got to meet all the famous surf legends in real life.

To sustain her travels she has worked different jobs. From waiting tables to being a teacher for many years, a snowboard instructor, cashier and ‘sous-chef’ of a food truck, yoga instructor, vegan cook, body worker, wherever there is opportunity she’ll take the challenge.

This blog is for those who have a passion for art, love, traveling, surfing, expanding (environmental) consciousness, healing, vegan food, and much more.

Marianne loves expressing herself with paints, dancing -with or without waves, Acro yoga and writing. She believes that  the use of creative arts to give expression to life is one of the purest and highest elements of pleasure.

Creative power is the energy source of the universe.




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